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 Glauerdoom Moor: Rise Of The True Necromancer Finale 
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Glauerdoom Moor: Rise Of The True Necromancer Part 6

-----The End, The Beginning, The Forward and the Rise of The True Necromancer-----

A large green fireball flew over Sir Sigmund’s head as he ducked, a loud explosion of tortured screams echoed behind him, “GHOST NOW!” Throwing his large two handed hammer at the mage, Calista smiled a rotten smile, her wicked grin growing wider, with hollowed eyes as she easily moved to the side of the lumbering hammer throw. Her hollowed eyes widened with fear as she saw the hammer was not the implement of attack, but the means to another attack. As she tried to summon another green flame, a large deeproot wolf sunk it’s jaws into her neck and pinned her down with it’s paws as it began to tear her to pieces. The rider on top began shooting her bow at the undead that tried to impede her progress. In her final moments, Calista smilled at Sir Sigmund.

“Save her, like you once did.” Sir Sigmund nodded as he moved and grabbed his hammer. Moving it in front of him, he whispered a small prayer and Calista took in a deep breath and arced her back. As he did, a light came down from the clouds above and a golden spark left the corrupted body, and there, laying peacefully was the mage he had once known. Turning, he ignited his hammer with holy flame as he smashed it against the door of Von Drakk’s manor.

“We must get to the armory, that is where she is headed, it is the last piece she needs before she becomes unstoppable.” Sir Sigmund led his band of heroes and more through the doors of Von Drakk’s Manor and charged through the tiled floors. Fighting through and through, they did not back down. It didn’t matter how many skeletons, how many Necromancers or witches, or even the gruesome tomb spiders that came at them, they fought hard and as a single cohesive group, slaying everything in their path. As the entered the grand ballroom Von Drakk stood in front of them. But he did not attack. He had been grievously wounded already.

Throwing up his hands he spoke quickly, “WAIT! WAIT!!! LET’S MAKE A DEAL!” Sir Sigmund felt uneasy, he looked in all directions for the trap.

“Speak quickly Von Drakk.” He demanded of the vampire count.

“She’s here, and she’s powerful, your prize student is more powerful than any of us. If you stop her, I promise you peace. No more nightly invasions, no more towns terrorized by the undead. Stop her, and remove her, and I will honor this promise.” He grunted as he grabbed his wound.

“How can I trust your word creature?”

“You can’t, but for as long as she removed, I will honor the peace. If she were to return, if she were to defeat you, I will corrupt any living thing in glauerdoom moor.”

Sir Sigmund looked at the Vampire’s desperation and fear in his eyes. He nodded, “If you break this truce, I will unleash a fury upon your manor and strong hold unlike anything you have ever seen, do I make myself clear.”

Von Drakk nodded, “If you or any of paladin’s attack any of my undead, the truce is over as well. Now go,” he said as he threw Sir Sigmund the key to the armory. “Beat her there.”

Sir Sigmund and his group of heroes ran as fast as they could, they knew that time was growing short. As they reached the hall before the armory, five arrows shot passed Sir Sigmund, slaying five of the militia that had followed him in. “ANDRIEL! STOP THIS MADNESS! RETURN TO ME!” The ranger, unlike Calista, was emotionless as she redrew her bow. Her expression just blank, as though every bit of her soul and mind were gone. Sir Sigmund’s Hammer began to glow with a furious light. The Hexcast Sorceress that accompanied him began casting spells on Andriel to make her aim off. She did so with practiced ease, even still, Andriel’s arrows still were coming too close for comfort or hitting more militia. As Sigmund charged closer her leapt into the air and slammed his hammer into the ground, shattering the stones and sending shockwaves of holy fire out like lightning in front of him. As they did, the Ranger stumbled and fell. Swinging his hammer he ended Andriel’s terror. He took but the briefest of moments to release her from her tormented cage, as her soul glow returned her to normal as well.

As Sir Sigmund fumbled with the key, he opened the heavy door, but his eyes went wide with fear as the girl he saved now spread out her arms and legs and armor made of plagued bones and green putrid dragon scale enveloped itself around her. “No,” he whispered. She began to laugh, but her voice was no longer her own, it was her, as well as the lord of plagues. “UNHAND HER DEMON!”

“Poor Sir Sigmund, witness my power,” Slamming her sword against the plague shield, a swarm of flies erupted out in a green and purple trail. Putting the hilt of his hammer down into the ground, he kneeled and began to pray. A shield of light bubbled out in front of him. As the plague flies hit, the two forces battled for dominance. Some of the plague swarm got through and began taking the heroes that traveled with him. He prayed harder as he heard their screams, but it was to no avail. His barrier broke and he was pushed back, his hammer landing to the side. He felt darkness begin to take him, the sounds of the screams of his allies starting to fade. His eyes closed…

…Sir Sigmund awoke in a panic, Von Drakk was battling Celeste with a horde of undead at his side. He had shapeshifted and his large batlike form was aggressive, battered, but fighting hard no matter the odds. Sir Sigmund reached over and grabbed his hammer. Igniting it once more, with holy light, he charged forward, He used all his power, all of his concentration and took a large leap, as he began to descend, Von Drakk twisted to the right and out of the way, his hammer, “The Might Of Crystalia” connected with the chest plate of Celeste. As it did, it released an enormous wave of light from the point of impact. Von Drakkk flew away in fear, the manor shook, and Sir Sigmund let go of the hammer now embedded in the armor of Plagues. Light began to pour out, and as it did he heard a small whisper beneath the defiant howls of the Lord of Plagues, It was one word, “Father…” Then, the armor began to explode with light out of every joint and attachment. With one final wave of light, the armor, the sword, the cape, the amulet, the shield, the helmet fell to the ground, and any trace of Celeste was gone. All that remained were empty artifacts of evil….

-----one week later----

On The ship that Sir Sigmund had used to reach the North, he looked out into the freezing waters below. Piece by piece he dropped the armor into the icy cold depths of the ocean. There he recited a small Eulogy for his fallen Student. At last, peace was found, at least, peace was earned, at least for the time being. It wouldn’t be long before Von Drakk broke his promise of peace, but for now, there would be peace….

In the following years, the story of the armor of plagues and Celeste would fade from time and eventually be erased completely so no one would look for the horrible power that was still, not fully uncovered. Sir Sigmund would pass and in Stilt town, a statue of him would commemorate his bravery.

----two hundred years later----
The words of Sir Sigmund echoed in her soul, she heard them as clear as if he were next to her. “The Day I rescued you, the very nature of evil shook. For on that day, it knew that the light had gained a champion of the people, a champion of the light. You were as a daughter to me, and if I had only intervened, or let you know I was alive, perhaps I could have stayed you from this path. I am sorry my Daughter, I loved you, and I failed you. Wherever your soul may be, may it find the peace you deserve. One day, we will meet again, and when we do, I will hold you and tell you that I love you, my prized pupil, my daughter, Celeste.”

The snow whipped heavily along the frozen shores of Frostyte Reach. The icy shores were quiet, sans the sound of the water slowly moving in and out. Then, a wet armored boot hit the shore. Followed by another. A drenched cape dragged behind the figure, as it walked in from the ocean. A dark shield strapped to it’s back, it drew a sword that looked like metal flames. Kneeling down, the figure placed the sword on the ground and began to speak. As it did, an army of undead began to emerge from the ground. Then, a large plague covered bear emerged from the ground, half of its face was pure bone. Picking the sword back up the figure removed it’s helmet and long Silver hair fell. It’s face, was nearly flawless, like porcelain. It was a woman’s face, a scar down one eye. Her eyes a deep purple, her skin a pale green, almost white. “Hello Mr. Buttons. We have some unfinished work.” Came the voice of Celeste as she gently patted the bear. Throwing the helmet to the side, it disintegrated into rust, then ash, then blew away. “His power is now my power. We no longer serve the Lord of Plagues. Now, I will raise my army and cure this world. I will show this world peace once and for all. After I show it terror.” Moving calmly she climbed on the back of the bear. With that Mr. Buttons let out a small snarl and began to walk, as he did, undead began to rise behind him, filled with the power of plague, they followed her as she marched into the frozen wastelands as the great and one True Necromancer….

-And this is where the campaign begins….

August 22nd, 2017, 3:31 am
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