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 Glauerdoom Moor: Rise Of The True Necromancer Part 5 
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Glauerdoom Moor: Rise Of The True Necromancer Part 5

-----The Rise and Fall Of Celeste, The Return of a Hero, and The blighted armor of plagues-----

Celeste put down Andriel and drew her sword, it glowed with a golden light brimming from the hilt to the tip. “I AM NO MERE PALADIN, SCARECROW! I AM CELESTE! FIRST OF HER NAME, LAST OF HER NAME! I WAS SAVED BY SIR SIGMUND HIMSELF AND TRAINED BY THE ORDER OF PALADINS OF GLAUERDOOM MOOR!” Slamming the glowing sword into her shield, light shattered off the shield and sent out a wave of light that ignited the undead with holy fire. “NOW YOU DIE!” Screaming she charged in and fought the scarecrow while Calista and Regina turned and began to fight the pursuing ninjas behind them. The battle waged intensely for a while, The Oni, one eye shut and blood stained its face entered the fray once more, it swung its massive spiked club at Calista and Regina.

Celeste fought the scarecrow, blade strikes being parried from both parties. She spun and slammed her shield into the construct of hay and clothing. It stumbled back and she pierced its body with her sword. Laughing the scarecrow walked down the blade to the hilt and turned its body, wresting the sword from her hand. Swinging with immense force, the scythe crashed into her shield, sending her and the shield in two different directions. As she hit the ground a voice entered her ears once more, ”Don’t say I never did anything for you my dear, look to your right.” Shakily, she rose on her hands and looked to see a dim glow in some rubble. Looking at her two friends barely holding their own and the scarecrow removing her sword from its chest she moved quickly to the glow. Pulling the glow from the rubble, it was a sword. It had a skull on the end of the hilt, and two skulls back to back right before the blade began. The blade itself looked like fire was turned into metal and the whole thing had a sickeningly green glow. As she reached out, Sir Sigmund’s voice entered her head, ”No my child, DON’T! Celeste looked back over as the Oni took down Calista with a mighty swing, bludgeoning her away. As tears filled her eyes, she grabbed the sword. “I’m sorry Sir Sigmund,” she whispered.

“YES!” Came a sharp angry voice of triumph, the one that had been calling to her. As her hand tightened around the hilt chains came out from the two back to back skulls and wrapped around her forearm and hand, locking the sword in. Her skin began to turn a sickly pale green. Her eyes turned a fetid purple and her hair became stark white with hints of grey. Smiling Celeste began to speak, but her voice sounded like hers and something else, darker, much more sinister, echoing with her. “Join me my friends, come to my aide once more.” Throwing out her hand, green mist circled it and she pulled her hand slowly into a fist. As she did, the once dead Andriel and Calista awoke, their eyes pale white, their skin the same faded green. Standing they walked over to Celeste, no words were spoken. “Let my friend go,” she demanded as Regina turned and saw what had become of Celeste.

“You didn’t, all magic comes with a price, especially old powerful magic. You fool!” Regina took her last lantern and slammed it on the ground, when the light dispersed she was gone. Walking towards the scarecrow, it looked at her in fear.

“That’s impossible, there were no artifacts down here, how, why would my daughters do this?” He struggled to understand. The ninjas and Oni began to move away and retreat up pillars and walls into the shadows. The ground beneath each of her steps turned to decay, she reached down to her hip and grabbed Mr. Buttons. Smirking she threw it at the Scarecrows feet.

“Boo.” She sadly softly. As she did, Mr.Buttons in the blink of an eye turned into a large plague covered bear, his eyes glowing red, his claws long, and his height double that of all in the room. Mr. Buttons roared and slashed and dismantled the scarecrow. As the scarecrow lay in shreds of cloth and hay, Celeste rested her hand on Mr.Buttons, “Thank you.” Celeste turned quickly at the sound of a slow clap behind her, Andriel turned, bow drawn, Calista summoned a fetid looking poison cloud in the shape of a skull above her hand.

“Well done,” a sultry seductive voice came. From the rafters came a sight no one had expected, it was three beautiful women, but their lower bodies were that of large spiders. “I see you found my gift,” the one with the body of a black widow landed on the ground first. “Now that you have a taste of the power I can bestow upon my followers, you cannot leave this…” she began but was cut off by Celeste laughing manically.

“Followers? You must be confused. You and your spider sisters don’t control me, this sword doesn’t control me. I can do whatever I want when I feel. I took the sword to save my friends, now that it’s done, We will be taking whatever else we need and be on our way, or I can exterminate you bug.”

“That’s interesting, yet, if you could put down the sword why haven’t you yet?”

“Because there is one more thing I must do before I leave.” Smiling she swung the sword and aimed at the half spider women. Green flaming skulls erupted from its blade end. Each one hitting its mark. The three sisters looked at each other confused, nothing had happened. When rage hit them, they charged forward at Celeste, but as soon as they charged, they halted in their tracks as their bodies began to pain them all over, the corruption began to course through their veins.

“What… What is this, this is impossible!” Screamed all three of the sisters.

“Bow to me, serve me and I will leave you be in your tower, for now.” Celeste said walking over to them.


Smiling, Celeste waved her hand and the corruption stopped. “We’ll be needing your services soon.” Turning she, headed back out of the tower. When she left she moved with an unnatural grace in her now twisted and rusted looking armor. The ground below her began to split and an undead horse came up from the ground right under her and in a seamless motion she was now mounted on the horse. Two more horses rose from the ground, Andriel and Calista mounted them and Mr. Buttons dropped to all fours. The four of them strode off deeper into the North….

…Three days later at the camp…

“Ser, there’s been no word of Celeste or her company of heroes, what do we do?” The Paladin left in charge turned to address the man when a battered and bruised Regina appeared out of a dark portal in front of him.

“Celeste has fallen to the Influence of the Bringer of Plagues. She is beyond…” Regina feinted and the Paladin caught her.

“Get her to the Tabbybrook Mage now!!!” A few followers ran quickly and grabbed her from the Paladin and carried her away. “As if Von Drakk Wasn’t enough trouble.” He whispered to himself. Turning to his squire, “Prepare the following note for an Eagle to carry south, Our leader is gone, we need someone new to lead this assault, send help immediately.”

…Three Days later…

“DOWN!” Screamed the Paladin as a large green fireball crashed into the outpost and shattered a wall they had built, “PATCH UP THAT WALL, ARCHERS, IGNITE YOUR ARROWS AND SHOOT THE UNDEAD!” The forces of the undead were stronger this time, they weren’t the usual variety. A large skeletal dragon flew overhead, not spouting flames, but disease and swarms of flies. Men consumed by the attack were covered in boils and the pox. “TAKE THAT THING DOWN NOW!” Just then a sudden crash against the shore made everyone turn and look, a large armored ship crashed into the shore. The front of the boat had a gate that slammed down and five mounted heroes departed the boat. One carrying A red headed woman who screamed wildly, her axe in tow. The Second a purple haired woman, her staff strapped to her back, she was already starting to cast some kind of spell. The third was Tabbybrook mage, who began casting healing spells to reverse the pox on the men and women fighting. The fourth, one of the most shocking, was an elf shooting her bow as the wolf she rode leaped from enemy to enemy, tearing it asunder. The last hero that emerged , he was a hero of legend. A bright light shined from his hammer as he held it up, the darkness around them began to banish and the undead screamed at the sight. His white hair slicked back, his face old and weathered, his beard tied in a braid, his purple cape flowing behind him. “Sir Sigmund? How?” But the older Paladin just kept riding sending the undead screaming in retreat.

“Fight you fools!” Screamed Sir Sigmund, He charged through the attacking force and there, he saw what he heard only in rumor. On top of a rock in the clearing upon three undead horses sat, Celeste, Andriel, and Calista. A strong rush of emotion and disappointment flooded him. He looked at her with a stare that would melt anyone with a soul. It had been over a decade since she had seen him. He thought of the years it took the mages to heal him completely, he thought of the time he had sat and watched her train from a distance, the reports of how she had been doing while he had been recovering from his grievous injuries. He thought of all the years he spent on his quest to recover his father’s hammer in the Forges of Vulcanis. He just stared at her and could think no longer at what he now stared at. The woman before him wore fetid armor, a long green and purple cloak hung limply on her back, a helmet made of metal and Deer antlers covered in slime and disease sat upon her head. She stared right back at him in disbelief. “RALLY TO ME MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS!” He shouted as he held his hammer up once more. Lightning struck down and connected at the hammer giving it a bright glowing light once more.

“Retreat now, you cannot defeat that hammer until your armor is complete, you need three more pieces,” the blade spoke to Celeste. Celeste picked up her hand and noxious undead rose from the ground, she, Mr. Buttons and the two others turned and ran away, leaving the undead to fall in their stead…

…After the battle…

Sir Sigmund headed to the command tent, all of those in his retinue joined him. “We have to stop her, Ideas?” The woman with the red hair spoke first.

“I will split her in two with me axe. Nothing can stay my,” she began before Sir Sigmund stopped holding up one hand.

“This is Celeste, there has to be some good in her left, if we can reach that part, we can separate her from that cursed blade and save her. But how…” Sir Sigmund thought for a moment and slammed his hand on the map on the table. “We know what this artifact is right?” The other four nodded, “Then we know its power isn’t complete until all parts of the armor are worn.” The other four nodded again, but slowly. “She has the sword, the cape and the helmet. The armor, the shield, and the amulet remain. We have to get to them first and destroy them.” Grabbing his large two handed hammer he slung it onto his back. “Tell my paladins to pack up and head back to Stilt town, the five of us are going on a quest.”

The Deeproot wolfrider smiled and whistled loudly as she left the tent, her wolf began to run to her. Sir Sigmund mounted his armored horse, "it’s time we ended this war anyway, to Von Drakk Manor."

---to be continued----

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