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 Glauerdoom Moor: Rise Of The True Necromancer Part 4 
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Glauerdoom Moor: Rise Of The True Necromancer Part 4

-----What horrors await-----

After the scarecrow unlocked the door, the heavy gate swung out as if the tower itself hungered for new adventurers. Celeste headed in first, Mr. Buttons bouncing on her hip. “Form up on me, we have no idea what we’re walking into….” Her sentence trailed off as she stared at the magnificence before her. While the outside seemed to look like time had forgotten the tower, the inside was in relatively good shape. The great hallway they entered was made of marble and the ceiling was atop fifteen foot columns. Straight ahead, a large marble stair case headed up to a level the heroes couldn’t see from where they were. “Despite some cobwebs, this place is pretty nice.”

“Do not be fooled by this façade,” said Regina. “You look with eyes of this world, allow me to show you the truth.” Smashing a lantern on the ground, the beautiful marble and brightness of the room disappeared. Instead, they stood in a room of chipped and broken stone, bodies drained of life everywhere, some held in cocoons of spider webs. “This is a mere scrape of the surface of what my world is. Large spiders jitter about, I’m sure.”

“What gave it away, the spider webs?” joked Andriel. The group tightened up their formation and headed towards the stairs.

“Andriel, do you hear that?” Asked Calista. “It sounds like…Music?” As the group made it to the top of the stairs a large gathering of people at a dinner event seemed to be taking place. The people were not corporeal. But they didn’t seem to act as though they were dead. They talked and laughed while drinking and having a good time. “By the Goddess.”

“Keep it moving people,” grunted Celeste who was now completely on Edge. Slowly slinging her shield onto her arm she and the group moved through the magical room and entered the main dining hall. There at the head sat an old man who looked up at them.

“My dear friends, we have guests. Please please, pull up a chair.” He said as he motioned to the large table before him. The people sitting at the table turned to look at them, but hollowed versions of themselves turned first, then their normal faces followed.
“Well that was unsettling,” mumbled Calista.

“Do not have rude manners my lady, come, come, fatten yourselves with our succulent beast, or drink the finest wines. Please, come dine with us, the lady requests it.” The man offered again smiling.

“We will pass, thank you.” Said Celeste.

“Then you will die!” Shouted the man, slamming his cup on the table he stood and the table shattered, sending spikes of wood at the party. Celeste slammed her shield into the ground and a blinding light came out of it, expanding out and blocking the wood from hitting the party. When the light cleared, the once magnificent ballroom cleared and ninjas with glowing purple eyes now stood in front of them, a demon behind them laughing. It’s voice was similar to the old man’s but now a higher pitch. It was a large hulking form, horns from head and a large weapon resting on its shoulder. “You are bright my little children, many fall for that rouse and make it no further than this room. You seem to have potential, you did not succumb to the power of the oni.” It began to cackle manically. “My minions, show these ladies to the quarters, they will be permanent residents shortly.”

The Ninjas began to move quickly, brandishing their weapons. The Oni is distracting you, leave your friends, the power you seek is higher up the tower. Celeste shook the voice and barely blocked an incoming katana. These ninjas seemed to bend the shadows and move in and out of them. Regina began swinging away at a few of them and Calista summoned a large fireball and sent it at the Oni. Andriel was launching arrow after arrow with her elven grace. Each arrow landing it’s mark. Yet, some of these ninja’s still took multiple arrows to fell. Celeste charged the Oni who laughed and swung hard, hitting her in the shield, she retaliated and cut the Oni multiple times. After the third blow against the Oni, the ninjas turned their attention to Celeste and began heading towards her. The group tried doing what they could to pick them off as fast as they could. But Celeste was drawing them to her, her wrath was divine and the Oni needed their help. “CELESTE! WE MUST PULL BACK THERE ARE TOO MANY!” Shouted Andriel.

“Don’t be a fool Andriel, we can win this!” Andriel shot another arrow at the Oni who took it in the eye. It screamed in pain as it backed away. Andriel nodded at her mark and then her mouth dropped open in shock. The sound of metal piercing flesh came clear through the battle. Calista shouted as she saw that her friend was stabbed by an unseen strike. “NO!” Shouted Celeste. Then two more ninjas came out and sunk their blades into their target. Andriel fell to the ground and rage consumed Celeste. Celeste charged the ninjas taking blows from those around her as she did and knocked the three ninjas away. Regina came through and eliminated the three ninjas as Celeste knelt down next to her friend.

“Leave this place, leave me. There is no weapon worth this, go.” Andriel whispered as her eyes shut. Celeste stood, anger coursing through her veins. Revenge you seek? Good. The weapon is here, with me, come take it. Use it to slay your enemies, and any who would impede your mission.

“Celeste, we have to leave, we cannot win this battle.” Pleaded Calista.

“The mage is right, we must go, we need more people. Let us take Andriel before that thing recovers, and lets go.” Said Regina. Celeste looked down at Andriel and nodded. Regina picked up Andriel and the group ran back towards the entrance. As they reached the bottom of the stairs a pumpkin bomb exploded in front of them, lighting everything on fire.

“No one leaves, remember children?” said the scarecrow. Swinging his blade up he slammed the blade into the ground, skeletons began to dig themselves out of the ground all around the heroes. “Come, become food FOR MY DAUGHTERS!!!!”

April 26th, 2017, 4:50 pm
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It is interesting how you joined the worlds of SDE and NAS together. Keep writing so that I can find out what happens.

April 26th, 2017, 7:07 pm
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Yeah, these are a fun read. Nicely done.

June 1st, 2017, 12:44 am
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It is interesting how you joined the worlds of SDE and NAS together.

:D :D :D

June 27th, 2017, 11:45 am
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Thanks for the feedback, sorry for disappearing for a bit, Ill have the next chapter by end of the week,!!

August 16th, 2017, 6:46 pm
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