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 Glauerdoom Moor: Rise of the true Necromancer Part 3 
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====Part 3=====

-Our group continues its journey to scout the land and discover the legendary weapons and armor of rumor-

As the group continued their scouting of the area, the fog began to feel poisonous to their very souls. Regina looked around holding up her twilight lantern, “We should depart from here, the air carries a dreadful woe upon it. It smells of death.” Celeste looked at her two other companions and they both had large tear drops coming from their foreheads.

“Perhaps it is best we head back Celeste,” said Andriel, “We have scouted enough of the area.”

Come to me, come to my temple, and get your weapon to defeat Von drakk… Celeste shook her head at the voice that echoed in her ears.

“No, we press on.” Commanded Celeste.

“CELESTE!” Snapped Andriel, “I am your advisor, and I am advising you, there is something here, something dark and foul, I agree with Regina, we need to turn back and regroup.”

“Fine! THEN GO! You cowards will die in that base, I am going to find the weapon to stop Von Drakk!” Celeste shouted and headed away from the group. The three remaining heroes looked at each other.

“Andriel, we cannot let her go alone,” spoke the mage, Calista. “We have to help her, even though she seems slightly off.”

“Slightly!?” exclaimed Andriel, “I don’t even recognize her right now, we can’t go in blindly.”

“we go, or she dies,” whispered Regina, “You never wander into the darkness alone, those who do come back broken, or they don’t come back at all. I walk with your friend,” Regina turned and headed after Celeste.

“She really makes me uncomfortable,” said Calista under her breath, “I’m going to Andriel, let’s move…”

1 hour later…

The group stopped at a town that looked as though it had been abandoned for centuries. It was covered in big thick spider webs, all the glass in the windows of the small houses were broken, and all the trees were dead. Some had skeletons hanging from them, others had skeletons stuck in the webs. As they crossed the threshold, of the town, the fog cleared and a large ruined tower stood before them. Lightning ominously struck behind it, in front of the door was a crumbled scarecrow holding a scythe.

“What is this place?” Asked Andriel.

“It is the Elemental temple of the Jorogumo.” Came a voice that echoed darkly.

“WHO GOES THERE!?” demanded Celeste drawing her sword. Then, the scarecrow began to recompose itself, and it stood, glowing yellow eyes out of a pumpkin head.

“I am Jack, I am the caretaker of these lands and I have not seen adventurers come through these parts in a very long time. I have been cursed by Jorogumo to tend to these lands with the gift of eternal life. You may strike me down, but I will always return. I cannot leave the threshold for as long as she lives, and she is the mother of the Undying Clans.” Replied the scarecrow as it grabbed its scythe and leaned against it like it were a walking stick.

“Is there a weapon of great power in this tower?” Asked Celeste.

“There are a great number of powerful artifacts in this temple my dear. But to try to retrieve them means you will become food for the Mother of The Undying clans and her two sisters.” The scarecrow moved towards them and tapped the hilt of his staff into the ground. Five tree stumps rose from the ground. Moving to the lead one, the scarecrow motioned for them all to join him. “Listen to my tale, through and through, then after, if you wish to enter, I will unlock the tower for you. But again, I advise you to turn around now, and go.”

Celeste and the others all joined the scarecrow. “Tell us your story, then, we decide.” Said Celeste.

The pumpkin face showed a smirk, “My story begins over one hundred years ago with three beautiful young girls named Jorogumo, Kitara, and Lilita. The three sisters were happy as can be, from the age of seven they began practicing martial arts. Of course there were six major houses, but these girls didn’t care, they each chose two and trained in both. A precedent we had never seen before. Jorogumo trained under houses Ijin and Tora, Kitara under houses Yamazaru and Tanchyo, Lilita under Ika and Kitsune. The girls were unnaturally graceful and experts of their arts. Over the next twelve years they became the most sought after assassins in all the land. They become known as the widowmaker sisters, and Jorogumo, the queen of spiders. More specifically, the black widow, as was her calling card. If a man had wronged a woman and that woman sought revenge, she would poison them with the venom of a black widow spider.” The scarecrow paused, “Over time though, they dabbled in things unnatural. The dark arts called to the sisters, corrupting their chi. They began to unleash plagues upon cities to the highest bidders in war. They become so money hungry, they had this tower built to hold their treasures and artifacts. However, when Kitara unleashed her last plague during war, the effects were so horrid that the greatest martial arts masters teamed up and combined their chi to banish them. They were somewhat successful as the girls were locked away in their tower, dabbling in their dark magics, bound to these lands as am I.”

“Why were you cursed to be here?” Asked Regina

“Jorogumo never forgave me for helping the clans stop them. But I could not watch my three daughters bring so much death to this world. I just couldn’t. So I came to comfort them, and when I did My daughters cursed me.” Replied the scarecrow.

“How are they still alive after all this time?” Asked Calista.

“The same way that I am still alive after all these years. Their magic is very strong. I do not even recognize my own daughters these days, they have become completely corrupted by their magic. But there are many treasures and magical artifacts in that tower. Many have come to collect them, but none have ever succeeded. If you wish to try, I will let you in, but this is the last time I will offer you to leave. After this offer, I can no longer hide your presence from the dead that roam these lands.”

“We will enter,” said Celeste. The other three all begrudgingly nodded.

“Then come, let us enter the Tower of Jorogumo.” He said walking towards the large gated entrance…

April 25th, 2017, 1:32 pm
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I am excited to find out what happens next. Keep writing.

April 25th, 2017, 3:59 pm
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GoblinMage wrote:
I am excited to find out what happens next. Keep writing.

Thanks for reading, Ill post the next chapter soon!

April 25th, 2017, 4:37 pm
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