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My First Relic Knight Themed Terrain Piece: Esper Generator
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Author:  DavicusPrime [ February 27th, 2016, 6:38 am ]
Post subject:  My First Relic Knight Themed Terrain Piece: Esper Generator

So this project is for a terrain competition at the  Group Build 71’s theme is “Power”.  Each project needs to represent some form of power generation, collection or nexus point.  As I’ve been recently introduced to Relic Knights.  I decided to make some kind of a power generator that is utilizing Esper Crystals. 

And since Relic Knights is a Soda Pop Miniatures game.  I will be making a point of slipping bottle caps into as many of my my Relic Knights themed terrain pieces as makes sense. :D

The design:
And the cutting of the foamcore commences!
And after doing some cuttin and gluein while watching Ghostbusters for the first time in 20 years:
So here is the progress so far... 
At this point I decided I need a base of some sort with a control console or something.  Notice the barrels made from more pop bottle caps. :)

So I made the beginnings of the base:
I need to cover up the exposed foam but this gives the general shape.  This adds an inch to the height and in each recessed space I will be adding a bit of detail.  One side will have a control console, the next a computer bank and steps up to the crystals on the third.

Here's a little detail on the crystals:
I made these by making the basic shape with Sculpy and then cooked it.  Once hardened, I carved the facets with a hobby knife to sharpen them up.

So next I add card to the exposed foam, add my detail bits mentioned above to the base, clean up any divots and other whoopsies with some spackle then it's gubbins and random whats-its time.  The one thing I'm still trying to work out in my noggin is how I'm going to build the electrical arcs passing between the crystals...  Maybe a little bent wire coated in green stuff?  I'm open to ideas.

Then the part I dread the most... the painting.  :P


Author:  SteamPunkGnome [ April 15th, 2016, 7:18 am ]
Post subject:  Re: My First Relic Knight Themed Terrain Piece: Esper Genera

I really like the way this is turning out! I can't wait to see the finished piece. =)

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