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Bloodthirsty nerfed?
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Author:  Alcebiades [ September 9th, 2017, 5:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Bloodthirsty nerfed?

If I remember correctly a bloodthirsty token was created every time the target took damage that turn. Now it's only if the unit was previously damaged and also takes more damage in the turn? That's a considerable nerf. Why?

BLOOD​ ​THIRSTY:​ After a unit with Blood Thirsty finishes resolving an attack that damaged an enemy unit which was damaged before the attack, the unit with Blood Thirsty gains a Blood token until the end of its next activation.

Author:  Major Glitch [ September 9th, 2017, 9:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Bloodthirsty nerfed?

Previously, Bloodthirsty would only trigger off melee attacks. The current wording allows any attacks to grant a token, provided the other condition is met. It is worth noting that your description is wrong; Bloodthirsty is not turn dependent - it only cares that the target has taken damage at least once before. If the target is taking damage for the second+ time that game, then the attacking unit with Bloodthirsty gets a token.

Both Bloodthirsty and Killmarks were changed to allow any unit to generate the token, regardless of what their ability types were. Additionally, both abilities now require a little more planning to use. The net result is that both factions will see their units gain tokens slightly less often; though frankly they were the easiest tokens to get after Doctrine, so that's not a bad thing given how strong some of the Cadre abilities were.

I will point out that with the change that allows minions to activate before heroes, you can still load a hero unit with a blood token on the first turn, given favorable placement.

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