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 2.1 esper draw skill question 
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At the beginning of the rules it implies units always get their esper draw but I noticed that there is no mention of esper draw triggering on a unit upon activation under the "beginning of turn" heading except if the unit already has a token. Also under the detailed "activation" section drawing the units edraw isnt mentioned at all. Since the timing of when you draw in the activation would seem critical (before or after movement for example) it almost leads me to believe that you only get esper draw if the unit already had a token and not if you are actually activating it. This seems harsh though considering the limited supply of controllable esper. Could someone clarify if this is correct? And if not, at what part of the activation do you draw? Thanks for the help.

June 4th, 2017, 2:48 am
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When a unit receives an Activation Token it draws Esper equal to its Esper Draw.

The unit will only activate if it is the first Activation Token the unit receives.

It goes:
Place Activation Token
- Draw Esper
If only 1 Activation Token Activate.
Activate = Move + Action + Follow Up.

If 2 Activation Tokens check for ability triggered by recieving Activation Token or Second Activation Token.

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June 5th, 2017, 4:35 am
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First, there is a beta-specific forum that all topics pertaining to the beta should be posted. Even if it's a question the community can answer, it helps the Devs to see what issues are coming up so they can determine if things should be clarified in the rules.

Now, to answer the question:

Esper Draw, p5, states when a unit receives an activation token, you draw cards equal to the unit's Esper Draw value. Timing wise, this means the draw happens before the unit does anything else. The wording you are referring to regarding a second activation token is, in my understanding, included to confirm that you always trigger Esper Draw, even if the unit doesn't activate.

1. Place activation token.
2. Esper Draw triggers, draw listed value (for cyphers, first number if minion, second number if hero).
3a. If the unit now has exactly one activation token, score VP from an enemy objective if applicable*, then the unit activates following the normal move-action-move sequence.
3b. If the unit now has two or more activation tokens, trigger any abilities, paying costs as required, that trigger when the unit already has one or more activation tokens and receive another. (i.e. Fiametta's "BURN!" Ability. I really think a keyword would help us talk about that class of triggered abilities...)

*If the unit is in contact with an enemy objective, VP are scored if the unit is not engaged or broken. 2 for a primary, and 1 for a secondary. Units can only score when they activate. A unit doesn't activate if it already has an activation token when it receives one.

I hope this clears it up, I know the difference between receiving an activation token and actually activating tripped me up at first.

June 5th, 2017, 4:43 am
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