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Tentacle Bento - Solo Rules
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Author:  Smudge [ June 15th, 2017, 7:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Tentacle Bento - Solo Rules

In the area where I live, there's a deplorable lack of gamers interested in Tentacle Bento. And it's not just TB, mind you. They're mostly 'EuroTrash' board game players or folks who play CCGs like MtG. Trying to start a game of Munchkin around here is equally as difficult.

So. Have any of you come up with home rules for Tentacle Bento that allows you to play a game by yourself?

Author:  Smudge [ June 24th, 2017, 3:59 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Tentacle Bento - Solo Rules

Here's what I've been toying with:

These rules assume that you're using the standard deck, the foil-expansion cards, and all the special cards found in the miniature packs.

Before play, remove the following cards from play: Tako Tako, Master Custodian, Candy & Cola, and Sgt. Richard Wulf

1. Shuffle deck
2. Draw seven cards into your hand. If School event cards are drawn, shuffle back into deck.
3. Draw one card from the deck or one or multiple cards from the discard pile. If card(s) drawn from the discard pile, bottommost card MUST be played in a noble capture that turn. If an Event card is drawn from the deck in step 3, follow the rules in section: 'End of Hand'. Otherwise, continue on to steps 4 and 5, then go back to step 3 and continue playing the hand.
4. Try to make noble captures or add to noble captures (sloppy captures are only when appropriate for *!!! all-star special cards).
5. Discard down to seven cards/draw up to seven cards

- Noble capture can contain one to three student cards OR one All-star character card (cannot mix student cards and All-Star character cards).
- Follow the rules on the card for placement of !!! and *!!! all-star character cards.
- Can mix student cards with *!!! all-star special cards.
- Sloppy captures are only allowed when used in conjunction with a *!!! all-star special card.
- Hilary, Kibachan, and Marie Claude are worth 10 points but are played exactly like standard all-star character cards.

The current hand is over when School event card is drawn. Score all captures. Shuffle both current hand of cards and the discard pile back into deck and draw seven cards.
If School event cards are drawn, shuffle back into deck.
Fifth school event card drawn ends game. Total the points up from all previous rounds and compare to the grading scale.

Score the cards as follows:
basic student character card = 1 point each (14+13+12+11 = 50 possible)
* all-star student character cards = 5 points each (40 possible)
!!! all-star student character card = 10 points each (30 possible)
*!!! all-star special cards = +X points listed on each card (42 possible)

From 130 to 162 = A - Excellent!
From 98 to 129 = B - Good
From 66 to 97 = C - Average
From 34 to 65 = D - Fair
Less than 33 = E - Poor

Author:  Peterwap [ September 10th, 2017, 7:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Tentacle Bento Solo Rules

Hi guys ive just had a old edition dystopian rules fall into my hands and wondered if they are still usable ?

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