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 Orange's Fast-paced House Rules 

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 Orange's Fast-paced House Rules 
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Starting the game:
Separate the event cards from the school deck and set them aside.
Shuffle both the event stack and the school deck.
Deal each player a hand of 7 cards.
Pick a player to take the first turn.

Turn Phases:

Draw 2 cards from the top of the school deck or 1 card from the top of the discard field.

Play any capture pile(s) you wish.
Capture piles are formed from 1 capture card, 1 location card, and up to 3 girl cards.
A Sloppy Capture occurs when you form a capture pile using cards from multiple suits. Sloppy Captures can only have a maximum of 1 girl in them.
A Noble Capture occurs when you form a capture pile using cards from only 1 suit. Noble Captures may have up to 3 girl cards (or 1 all-star girl card) in them. Forming a Noble Capture results in a bonus effect based of the suit of the capture pile.

Cute Bonus
Remove up to 3 cards from your hand to draw an equal number of cards from the top of the school deck. Shuffle the cards removed from your hand back into the school deck.
Sexy Bonus
Look at target player's hand, you may select one card in their hand and add it to your hand.
Smart Bonus
You may draw up to 2 cards from the top of the school deck.
Sporty Bonus
You may look through the discard field, select any one card and add it to your hand.

All-star girls count as three girls for the purposes of forming a Noble Capture; this means All-stars can only be captured as part of a Noble Capture and can not be captured with any additional girl cards. Additionally, All-stars have special effects listed on their cards, these effects supersede the normal bonuses from forming a Noble Capture.

Play any character card(s) you wish.
Character cards are attached to capture piles, they must be attached to a capture pile and they can not be played on a capture pile that already has a character attached to it.

Select one card in your hand and discard it.
If, during this step you have 0 cards left in your hand, draw 7 cards and then reveal the top card of the event stack. Perform the event's instructions and then set the event aside next to your capture piles.
The next player in the direction of play then begins their turn.

Once the 4th event card has been revealed, the game ends immediately and score is tallied.
Players score 2 points for each girl in capture piles they control, 5 points for each all-star in a capture pile they control, and 10 points for each event card they revealed. Players subtract the number of cards in their hand at the end of the game from their total score.

Erratas and Edge Cases:
If a capture pile is ever modified to no longer have enough cards for a legal capture (for instance, if zero girls remain in it), return any remaining cards in that capture pile (including character cards) to the controlling player's hand.

If the school deck ever runs out of cards and a player attempts to draw from it, shuffle the discard field and use it to replace the school deck; reveal the next event card and perform it's action, this event card remains revealed and counts toward ending the game, but no player gains any points for having revealed it.

Cards that fall into multiple suits (such as universal/wild cards), must be played as if they were one suit of your choosing. (i.e. Universal All-stars still require a capture and location with matching suits to be part of a Noble Capture)

Candy & Cola (Universal All-star Girl ver.) - Instead of searching the deck for the character card version, simply allow any player to immediately remove Candy & Cola (Character ver.) from play and draw a new card to replace it should that card ever be drawn (or if it is in a player's hand when Candy & Cola (Universal All-star Girl ver.) is captured).

If you try these rules out with your group, please post the results and any feedback you have on these rules below!

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